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Misha Arora is an inspiring Indian Nutritionist with remarkable experience.

Resilience and perseverance are the building blocks through which she has emerged as a renowned and one of the best nutritionists across India. From a young age, she has been facing surfeit hardships but her will to keep moving forward has helped her in rejuvenating her life and the lives of many other people who came to her seeking assistance.

It all started at a very tender age. On one hand where children were transitioning from childhood to pre-adolescence phase, meanwhile, Misha became a victim of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) leading to higher thyroid antibody levels. It was quite overwhelming for a kid at that age to sync in all the novel information that she was practically going through as well.

Nonetheless, the misery did not end yet. Due to PCOS and high thyroid, her body commenced gaining extra weight. In school and at every other social event, she became the hot topic for gossip. People seldom realize that a few critical remarks they make can scar a person for life and if that’s a kid, the situation may get worse.

Already Misha was gathering hope to understand and fight PCOS but now she had to face body shaming as well. The consequence of which was not at all desirable! She was later diagnosed with clinical depression. All the negative remarks she received from various aspects of her life imposed a deep and destructive impact on her mental health.

Yet again, like a warrior, she embraced the situation she was going through. Misha was brimming with valor to help herself and girls like her. The thought of safeguarding little girls from the infuriating remarks made by acquaintances or even strangers as a matter of fact was staunch.

Real Results

After researching and having discussions with a few professionals in her acquaintance, she finalized to become a nutritionist by profession. Albeit knowing the hacks through which she completely altered her lifestyle, she was aware that different bodies will require specific care and attention. For that reason, relevant theoretical knowledge and skill set are a must. Subsequently, she started paving the path for the same by studying in a similar field and acquiring relevant real world expertise. She diligently availed certifications from International Sports Sciences Association(ISSA), Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves(VLCC), and Harvard Medical School with her sheer fervor.

Upon gaining adequate speculative acumen in the field of nutrition, she then started helping girls with similar disorders. However, even this path was not a bed of roses either. After emerging as a newbie nutritionist and due to low networking, it was a hard task to reach out to patients. Furthermore, nutritionists are not so much regarded by people in India due to an orthodox mindset.

Her incessant grit once again aided her in interacting with girls who were going through likewise situation(s). Until now, Misha has assisted over a thousand girls with PCOS to adopt a better lifestyle by following some useful health tips. One common thing that each girl imbibes after a consultation with her is self-confidence. Being a victim of similar scenarios helps her connect with these girls on a deeper level. In contrast, the patients also feel comfortable opening up in front of her regarding their health conditions and their various impacts.

She not only helps in serving the people offline but also tries to help the entirety of humankind remotely through her YouTube channel named ‘Nutritionist Misha Family’. Through all her unending efforts toward improving the health of people, she has acquired a lot of recognition in her industry.

Misha is indeed an inspiration for all the girls and even other people who faced or are facing prejudice in their lives based on various factors. If you can gather the strength to not listen to the negative and biased remarks made by underachievers then you can reach the pinnacle of your pre-determined goal. She honed a positive outlook to outgrow such differences and always kept three things engraved in her mind. These were:

1. There is always scope for improvement
2. Whatever you do, do it with passion
3. Commitment to myself is unbreakable

These affirmations helped her get through all the highs and lows of her life. And now she has become a role model for many young girls who look up to her. People come to her for medical assistance and follow the given plans according to their health and related issues. Besides, she has a ginormous YouTube family that waits for her videos to learn more about nutrition and ways of improving their existing lifestyle. A lifestyle that not only enhances physical health but also augments mental well-being that somewhere is affected by the cruel judgment of people living in our society. She believes that if she can do this then any person can do it; they only need to have resilience and consistency in the course of this alteration.

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