Diet Plans

What Diet Plans Nutritionist Misha Offers?

How to get started?

  • Choose Plan- Click on ENQUIRE NOW & select your Desired plan.
  • Confirm Your Enrollment-You need to book your program followed by payment, register in the program after confirmation you’ve to send payment details on mail.
  • Forms & Contact- You will see Misha’s personal number included in an email with a pre-counselling form, you’ve to fill detailed forms about your lifestyle, medical ailment, routine i.e. These questions will help in understanding your expectations from the plan and your current health condition
  • Diet Meal Plan- Once you’ll Complete the process, you’ll get Diet Meal Plan which you’ve to follow within guidance of Nutritionist Misha.
  • Let’s Start Transformation Journey- Once we’ve devised a strategy, all you have to do now is stick to it and submit us daily updates via WhatsApp. During business hours, clarify doubts over the WhatsApp, and receive advice and recommendations.
Note: Daily exchanges on WhatsApp, enable us to aid you on a daily basis, to be more in tune with your life and lifestyle, and to assist you when you need it. We can help you manage various life problems through daily contacts.

What does it work for?

  • This complete diet plan is suitable for people of all ages and genders from different countries which is personalized to your individual lifestyle objectives and health concerns. Therefore, anybody and everybody can be benefitted from this plan irrespective of their age or health.
  • Whether you are a working professional or a bride to be we have the perfect plans for you that will surely give you a healthy body and a healthy skin. We analyze your physical requirements before sending you diet plans according to your immediate requirements to ensure you can reap maximum benefits from it.
  • This complete diet plan is most suitable for joint family who like flexibility, minimal work, weight loss, as it is the best way to prepare their own food. We teach you the best possible ways to keep yourself fit without spending hours in a gym. Therefore, if you are spending the maximum of your productive time sitting on a desk job and come back home completely exhausted it’s time for you to enroll in this plan. We assure you will see visible differences in no time.
  • In case you are still in two minds whether or not to opt for the plan we are here to answer your queries. Just ping us on WhatsApp and let us know what has been stopping you from taking action. We are sure we will be able to help you take informed decisions.
Note: All the terms and condition, rules will be applicable whatever will be mentioned on website & shared by us on WhatsApp