Refund Policy


 since we offer online services and access of online platform, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or return for any service provided by us. If any Goods, item sold by us (if applicable) then return period will be clearly mentioned in description of goods or item. (Currently we are not selling any physical goods or item)

Additional non-returnable items:

  • Gift cards, Discount (if applicable)
  • Downloadable App, PDF Products

 Refund (if applicable)

The fees pertinent for access to the Platform are known as the Subscription Fees. To get access to the Platform content, you will be avail minimum prescribed period  subscription fee or as per a fee schedule that is obtainable on the Platform.

You must  pay in advance to get the perks of the Platform. As such, payment of subscription fees will be carried out automatically if in case it gets failed for any reason, your access to the Platform will be cancelled till we receive payment from you. If we cannot perceive the preset payment mode through a credit card, we will inform you through the mail. Since access to the complete Platform is provided in the subscription period, fees paid for the Platform subject to the terms mentioned above will not be refundable.

We will issue a schedule of fees on the Platform for your reference. These fees will change from time to time in our sole judgment, and we will surely let you know through email before amending changes in the fee schedule.
You need to pay the subscription fee on time through an exact payment procedure for Platform usage. You are exclusively accountable for paying amount bills through credit card or online transfers for the subscription fees in Indian Rupees(INR). Other payment modes, such as cash, demand draft, cheque, etc., are not acceptable. Any payments done by credit card are liable for approval of the financial institution that issued the credit card.

Subscription periods are adhered to per your plan chosen for a minimum of the program period.

Since all our products are digital, they are considered ‘used’ after they are purchased. This indicates that we have a stringent no refund policy in accordance with discontent with medical, product, or lifestyle issues.
In case you are tested COVID-19 positive, we might proffer you either: a) a one-month extension of the program as per your subscription tenure or b) hold back your program for three months duration from the date when you inform us about your test outcomes. Nevertheless, as stated above, all our services are in digital form; they are taken as ‘used’ after purchase. Thus, under no conditions, Nutrionistmisha will refund the subscription Fees (completely or partly) paid by you at the time of your registration to the Platform.

We will not bear a poor approach and lack of respect as it is critical in your program and our bond. Our reverence towards you will always be there, and we expect the same from you. Please consider this point before you join our Platform. We hold the right to annul all services for any bad behavior or lack of respect.

Results are not assured. Due to diverse arrangements, the treatments and practices given on the website might differ for everybody. Several factors determine how flourishing somebody might be with our recommendations. Any prognosis present in our advertising materials are opinions and not any fact.

Disclaimer: As our course is digital-based, we do not proffer refunds for those who do not conduct their due research to assure that our programs are suitable for them. The customer’s accountability is to cautiously assess our sales page and conditions and terms before purchase, access, or use for any of our products and online courses. The objective of our programs is conveyed through websites, social media, and sales pages in a marketing way. Kindly note that we do not tender any partial refunds for our programs, and our course extensions and exclusive bonuses are non-refundable under any conditions.