People want to lose weight for a whole slew of different reasons. Some want to feel better about the way the look and give their self esteem a boost, while others aim to stop using food as a coping mechanism for emotional struggles. It might be familiar to people who have suffered or are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. I tried many methods like exercises vigorously, waking up early, avoiding all types of junk foods but nothing worked out for me. I soon realized that I needed a fitness trainer or a nutritionist to help me lose weight then this one day I came across Misha’s Instagram page and I was stunned to know the feedback for her previous clients. I
immediately decided to seek help from her and began experiencing significant result. She helped me in figuring out what the obstacle was. All these efforts made me lose around 7 kgs in total.

“Suffering from vitamin D deficiency and then also managing to lose weight simultaneously can be made possible through proper guidance and with the help of a motivated instructor, like in my case it was Misha. If I can do it so, can you”

~ Soumya