When it comes to losing weight most of us think about the heavy workouts, gym, and staying hungry but it is not that difficult, with motivation and firm determination one can lose significant kilos of weight without going for heavy workouts. I myself adopted the
strategy of minimum workout and have received amazing results from it. Misha, a well-known nutritionist made up a diet plan for me and recommended me some light workouts that fit into my daily schedule. I regularly reported my weight updates to her, which was very helpful in customizing my diet plan and giving out the max results. I was not able to devote much time to the workout so she recommended me some light exercises that worked for me. All this devotion and disciplined diet aided me in losing about 9kgs and turning from 74 kgs to 65 kgs in no time.

“The time that you devote is not the only factor that is responsible for losing weight, by following the appropriate strategy that works out for you can give you significant results”

~ Srishti