Losing weight is considered more challenging for a woman suffering from PCOD. It is really difficult to lose an inch if you are diagnosed with PCOD. I was advised lifelong medications. Overcome by this rude shock, I decided to correct my lifestyle and manage all the things by my own. I contacted Misha a well-known nutritionist as I got to know that she is an amazing nutritionist and has experience. I was very much able to follow the instructions given by her at home easily. I developed good eating habits and became a person I always wanted to be by losing 7kgs+ and also, I lost belly fat easily. This was all possible because of Misha she regularly updated my weekly plan, she helped me in making recipes, recommended me some detox drinks which tasted very well.

“If I can lose weight even after suffering from PCOD then it won’t be much difficult for you people to lose weight as well. All it takes is determination and disciplinary plan to follow”

~ Sakshi Jain