Staying fit in the times where junk food has become the go-to food menu for thousands of people, doesn’t come easy. For a person to stay fit needs a lot of deduction and self-control. Besides struggling to go about my day-today routine, I was also unhappy with the way I looked in the mirror. Overtime, I gained a lot of weight and as a result I had to face multiple health challenges. Furthermore, I was concerned about my health. That’s when I decided to switch to healthy life and contacted a well-known nutritionist, Misha. Misha is an amazing person as she helped me a lot in losing extra kilos. She updated my weekly plan regularly, told me to track weight on daily basis. I was able to manage 90% things in home for diet plan, it was also cost saving for me. Diet plan was easy to follow and whenever I got confused Misha solved my queries over WhatsApp. With all these efforts I eventually lost 20 kgs within just 3 months and also lost the tummy fat. Now I am happy with the results and loving to live healthy life.

“Through dedication and proper guidance anybody could achieve their desired physique.”

~ Nishant