Weight loss doesn’t happen just by amping up your cardio and turning down dessert. Health and fitness go hand in hand. It was not easy for me to get my body in shape as I had a really deep craving for sweets and chocolates but, later on I realized that if I kept on eating sweets and junk food then it’ll leave me in a situation that will be health hazardous. It was in January in 2020 when I met Misha, a nutritionist who instructed me how to maintain my health and diet properly. I was 90kgs before and through her help I lost 20 kgs in total. She also assisted me in daily weight tracking and always motivated me. But due to some personal reasons I had to stop my diet plan, now I’m following weight maintenance.

“It doesn’t matter how early you start or how much time it would take you to get into your desirable shape, but with the help of a motivated instructor and a great nutritionist you can get to that point”

~ Nikita Sharma