Being a doctor is not an easy task and during these days of a pandemic it’s very hard to find time for yourself, I am a doctor by profession, at the time when things were coming back to normal, I realized that I have put on a lot of weight and was having difficulty doing everyday work at the hospital. I began to search for the nutritionist, then this one day when I was scrolling my Instagram I got to know about Misha, a nutritionist. Misha helped me with my diet plan and made me understand the benefits of detox tea, she regularly
updated my diet plan and customized it accordingly to that was perfectly fit for my schedule as a doctor. The results were astonishing in the first month only I lost about 7 kgs. I have to pause this hustle of losing weight because of my duties in the hospital. But it was so
motivating that I lost about 21 KGs in just 100 days.

“Losing weight is something most of us thinks is very difficult but trust me if I can do it as a doctor and working in extreme conditions then so can you”

~ Dr. Isha