Every minute things change around us. It is not the body’s shape and size that needs to be focused on, but it’s the health that one must focus upon. Focusing more on your health will ultimately lead to a better vibe and a better lifestyle. While looking for the same I came across Misha, a nutritionist. She has an Instagram page where she has uploaded her pervious clients results which were so amazing. I was curious to see if diet alone can help me improve my overall health so I immediately contacted her to start my diet plan. Misha updated my weekly plan regularly and suggested some detox drinks which were tasty. Diet plan was easy to follow and whenever I got confused Misha solved my queries over WhatsApp. Daily weight tracking always motivated me to take smaller steps everyday which would eventually build up my healthy physique. With all these efforts I lost 21 kgs with huge inch loss without any workout. This was all possible only because Misha, she helped me a lot in becoming an energetic and confident person.

“I always wondered what I would feel if I would be some extra kilos less, but now I know it feels amazing”

~ Saloni