Thinking about losing weight can really be a laborious job, if you are going it without workout. You may have also heard the phrase that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. According to many experts this is scientifically proven true. Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t devote much time for workout or for hitting the gym. Moreover, my routine wasn’t fixed at all. It all changed when I came across a nutritionist named Misha. She suggested me some recipes that I could try out without putting any extra effort. She even updated my diet plan regularly and was designed according to my schedule. Through all these efforts I managed to lose around
16 kgs within no time. There was also a huge inch loss in my physique and all of this was executed without involvement of workout. I must say that I wouldn’t have achieved the same results if I would have opted workout. I would highly recommend anybody who is starting their weight loss journey to not only focus on workout but also give much consideration to the diet.

“Being overweight really impacted my self-esteem and my mental health. But it was all improved by following a healthy diet.”

~ Nandini