Weight loss can often feel like an uphill battle, especially if you are told to sprint or brisk walk, but the rewards can be really life changing as it has been for me, of course, busy schedules, and everyday stress can be used as excuse to put off taking the first steps towards shedding those extra kilos. Not only gaining extra weight impacts the physical wellbeing of a person but also on mental health of a person. Losing 15 kgs in a time span of 3 months was not a cake walk for me. I would have never been living this healthy life if I
was not motivated by my family members and my nutritionist, Misha. She played a major role in my journey of losing weight. She regularly updated my diet plan and formulated some detox drinks that helped me a lot. My skin now feels really good along with my body.

“I never thought losing weight would not only solve the physical problem that I was facing. It also improved my mental health as well; everyone should consider following a healthy diet which would eventually lead to fit body and mind set.”

~ Astha