Being a student there is a high probability that you won’t get any extra time in your daily routine, managing study pressures, social life, and being fit could be a hectic job and could be a very heated process. The thought of losing weight and working out always stressed me out, I always presumed that despite the efforts that I make to lose weight would turn out to be a sum of zero. But my perception was changed after I talked to Misha, she was a health nutritionist who guided me through my journey and came up with personalized diet plans that assisted me a lot in losing my extra kilos. She updated my diet plan regularly and suggested some quick homemade recipes that were easy to prepare and were much more time-saving. As I was going through a busy schedule which included my
college studies and coaching so it was quite difficult for me to devote any amount of time to working out, Misha also solved this problem as she suggested I try out some detox drinks that replaced my workout.

“Managing your daily chorus and the workout simultaneously can be a mess of not planned always start with a reliable plan”

~ Kanishka