How difficult it gets when you pile on excess kilos, it was then I realized I need to shred off my weight and maintain a proper healthy diet. I was fortunate enough that after a few months of deciding that I need to lose weight, one of my friends told me about Misha, a well known nutritionist and made a strong recommendation of her, all I can say is that I couldn’t controlled my weight if she wouldn’t have appeared. My obsession for eating and drinking brought my weight up to 59 Kgs but along her guidance I managed to reduce my weight to 51 kgs by shredding out 8 kgs. It might be unknown to some people but it’s not that obesity and excess weight only leads to physical damage, it also impacts the mental health of the person as well. Misha helped me to develop good habits of eating, she updated my weekly plan what should I eat, what should I avoid, the exercises I should focus on. She was an excellent instructor and helped motivated me through-out the process.

“My weight loss journey is an example that when you start loving yourself more, anything is possible”

~ Richa