“It was not easy for me to get my body in shape as I always craved sweets and chocolates. But I never knew it could go healthily as well. I always cursed myself for being chubby and fat, but I met a nutritionist who helped me get myself a toned body. I lost 15 kgs in 2
months while eating healthy sweets. I understood that eating is not bad, but eating at a bad time effects your body structure. Always consult someone who understands your body type and gets your desired results with no extra effort. Now, all day I keep looking at myself in the mirror and admire who I have become. Special thanks to Misha, who helped me get myself a good personality.”

“I would surely continue to be in touch with others who wants to lose weight as Misha supported me in all my mood swings with the best healthy food which doesn’t allow my body to gain much weight”

~ Nishtha