Losing weight is a tricky business. It is a journey no one can prepare you for, where you may hit more highs than lows. Take me for an example, I myself was struggling a lot with my weight. I was too occupied in my corporate job that I completely disregarded my health and by that time I started experiencing health issue due to my weight such as increased cholesterol, high blood pressure. But then one of my peers told me about a nutritionist named Misha, to be honest I didn’t think that consulting nutritionist would make such a difference and the results that I got were very amazing. Earlier I was 114 kgs and after consulting her and following her prescribed diet plan and strategies I nearly lost 22 kgs in just a span of 3 months. From being hopeless and lethargic to feeling confident and energetic, she helped me a lot.

“It is not that if you’re working in a corporate job, you should disregard your health. I made this mistake and realized after a long time that nothing is more important than health”

~ Lokesh