I had been overweight since my college days and underwent a lot of bullying from my batchmates at that time, even in my corporate job the story didn’t change much. Due to my excess weight, I didn’t feel good about myself and also experiences mockery from my peers as well. The days won’t feel exciting, even my daily routine was messed up. Many times, I decided to lose weight but didn’t have a single clue where to start from. Then one day I was talking to my friend about the problems I have been facing due to my extra weight and then he told me about Misha who was a self-motivated nutritionist. After consulting Misha, everything began to change she fixed up my diet plan and recommended me some light exercises that I could carry out very easily without devoting much of my time. Never thought that losing weight would be this much fun. She also suggested some morning and night drinks that helped me a lot to lose around 12 kgs and within 3 months my fat tummy was gone.

“I never knew that losing weight would fix many problems in my life, now I feel very confident full of self-esteem, and living a healthy life as well.”

~ Piyush