I never thought that losing weight would make such a big difference in my lifestyle. I started to gain weight due to poor nutrition and no one in my family had the correct knowledge of nutrition to guide me on the same. I used to look much older than my age, faced difficulties in performing daily tasks. All these things encouraged me to start my weight loss journey. I started searching for a nutritionist or a fitness trainer and got to know about Misha through one of my in laws, She literally helped me in becoming a more confident person. I lost around 28 kgs, from 96 kgs to weighing 72 kgs in just an extent of 3 months. Now I feel very energetic and also
learned good eating habits, all the elements of my diet plan were easily available at home. Misha updated my weekly plan regularly and also suggested me to track weight daily. My diet also included some detox drinks which tasted very well and were beneficial in losing weight.

“Being a working professional, losing weight was not an easy task for me but believe me through firm motivation and dedication you can also achieve the same results and better”

~ Gaurav Mutreja