“How to Lose Weight” is one of the top searches on Google. Weight loss is a popular goal for many people who are trying to improve their health and get fit. Nowadays losing weight is something that many people struggle with. There is a definite reason for this not only do so many people feel unsatisfied with their weight but there is an obesity epidemic happening globally. Losing weight makes your lifestyle change completely, it can be easily broken down into many different steps and sub-steps. The process of losing weight can be simplified by providing easy-to-follow guidelines that fit an individual’s lifestyle. There are also definite ways to cut down on your weight like reducing the quantity of sugar and starches intake, lifting weights, doing regular exercises and yoga, getting enough sleep, focusing less on carbs, and increasing your metabolism through appropriate foods.

Losing weight is a complicated process because it changes almost every aspect of a person’s life, from what they eat to how long they sleep. The first step of losing weight is to figure out how many calories one needs to consume. A person can find out by using BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Calories consumption depends on many factors like your age, activity level, body composition, illness, and many more. An individual’s personal goals will depend on what he or she chooses as there are many other things a person wants in his/her life for instance a person who wants to gain muscle strength will require more protein, a person who wants to simply lose weight will likely opt for fat burner supplements and energy enhancer.

Getting enough sleep is a vital component of controlling your weight. Inadequate sleep or disturbed sleep cycle is a major reason for gaining weight. Lack of sleep is directly connected with the problem of gaining weight leads to unhealthy weight in general. In fact, short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. It is also important to eat well. There is no need to starve yourself to lose weight as this is a rather unhealthy way to lose weight. A person should have regular meals that are more focused on a low-carb diet. This way, your body will receive the nourishment it needs, and also your metabolism can be stable. The amount of energy used by our body every day is known as Metabolism.

Why is it important to Lose Weight?

An individual with excessive weight will be more prone to all kinds of diseases than an individual whose weight is under control. There are many health benefits that you can reap by being healthy, also it is recommended by doctors and dietitians to control your weight.Carrying around too much weight may feel uncomfortable and can also damage your health conditions. According to studies, just a 5% to 10% decrease in your weight can affect your health. The benefits of losing weight are as follows:

  • Decrease joints pain
  • Reduces the chances of certain cancers
  • Decreasing the risk of diabetes 
  • Low risk of stroke and heart disease 
  • Improvement in osteoarthritis 
  • Improvement in symptoms of sleep apnea 
  • Improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels

How to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a difficult task but to keep pounds off permanently there are two basic ways by which you can easily lose weight: diet and physical activity.

1.Regular Exercise
Exercise is important for your overall health. Good health and weight loss are proportional to each other whereas it has many benefits like improving your mood and strengthening your bones and it also reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. There are some different exercises you can follow to reduce your weight.

  • Walking is one of the best and easiest ways for losing weight. If you want to burn calories then walking at a fast pace can be an option for you. A person can burn around 167 calories per 30 minutes by only walking at a fast pace
  • Running and jogging can also help you in reducing your weight. These exercises are total body integrated exercises. It helps in strengthening your legs and is very effective for belly fat. The difference between both running and jogging is that jogging is done between 6 – 9 kph and running will be around 10 kph. It helps you to burn 372mcalories per 30 minutes and 298 calories per 30 minutes.
  • Skipping or Jumping Rope is a complete body workout. It increases your strength of muscles, and metabolism and burns many calories in a short period. Skipping exercise done regularly can bring out calmness and helps to ease depression and anxiety. This workout also increases your heart rate which results in faster pumping of blood across your body to keep your heart in a better and unhealthy condition.
  • Push-Ups and Pull-Ups are the most popular exercises and it is a workouts that can be done at any time in the day. Push-Up exercises are good as it burns calories faster and it also makes you focus on the larger muscles in the upper body. It helps in building your muscles leaner chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. 
  • Yoga has proved to be an effective weight loss therapy. It has 5 basic principles: Exercise, Diet, Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation. It is very beneficial for your body as it keeps your mind calm and stable and also keeps your body healthy. It also helps in reducing your levels of blood sugar. 

It is possible to lose weight easily by just making a few modifications to your diet. Whenever we think about losing weight or controlling our weight the first thing that strikes our consciousness is reducing our diet but it is not that just by reducing our daily diet, we can control our weight accordingly. If you want to lose weight then structuring your diet may help you with it. Planning your diet might be your best bet to lose weight. There are different kinds of diets which are as follows:

  • Plant-Based Diets: Plant Bases Diets include restricting yourself to all kinds of plants made eatables and food products. People who strictly follow a plant-based diet are also known as vegetarians. Plant-based diets excluded all types of dairy products from the diet. It follows forward eating patterns that primarily focus on vegetables and fruits, this kind of diet also includes whole grains, legumes, beans, seeds, oils, and nuts.  People who follow plant-based diets are less prone to health conditions like heart problems and diabetes. You also have very little chance of being an obese person if you strictly follow plant-based diets.
  • High Fiber Foods: Consumables that are rich in fiber are very effective for losing weight. Fiber has specific nutrients that assist in curing overweight and obesity. if you are planning to switch to a high fiber diet, keep in mind to do it gradually as it would give time to the body to adjust. Eating more and more food items that contain fiber in it especially viscous fiber is a probable and effective strategy to lose weight. Consuming plenty of fiber can also result in numerous health benefits. Some of the benefits are as follows: lowers cholesterol levels, helps in controlling blood sugar levels, and helps in maintaining bowel health.
  • Low Carbohydrate Diets: This is the most popular method when it comes to losing weight. Low carbohydrate diets are so much effective because in this diet one limits the carbs intake, as well as substituting the low carbohydrate for protein. Science suggests that a low carbohydrate diet is much more effective than a low-fat diet when talking about reducing weight. It is one of the most difficult ones too, the reason is simple as limiting carbohydrates in your diet may leave you with a lot of hunger and taste. However low carbs eating eventually lead you to an automatic reduction in your appetite. Cutting out carbs from your diet can lower the risk of various diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, and improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.
  • Low-Fat Diets: Low-fat diets fundamentally refer to a type of diet that includes the reduction of fat intake to 20% – 30% of your total calorie intake of the day. So, a low-fat diet is effective in reducing weight by limiting a portion of the calorie intake of your total diet in a day.

Losing weight can be a hectic and laborious task if not planned accordingly and systematically, setting small goals and accomplishing them in the decided time may turn out to be a very consistent way of reducing your weight. Keep the track of your progress and keep your goals realistic that fit in your current lifestyle. Excess consumption of alcohol and eating more and a lot of junk food can turn you into an obese person which is not good at all. Moreover, you should always try to maintain a healthy, regular diet and a routine of your exercise which will keep your body healthy and eventually lead to loss of weight.